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Brand New and Nearly New Ford Cars Right Here in Berkshire

For many years, motorists across Berkshire and the wider UK searching for a used or brand new automobile have chosen Ford cars for their reliability, reasonable pricing and classic aesthetic. Their two most popular cars, the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta, are the two best-selling cars in the entire UK.


On this page, we’ve looked to run through a few reasons why the Ford Fiesta has ranked as Britain’s best loved vehicle for so long. If you’re in or around the Berkshire area and looking to buy a new or nearly new Ford, be sure to give us a call on 01628 667 300.


Five Reasons to Buy a Ford Fiesta


1. Drivability – Ford cars are known for driving well, and the Fiesta is no exception. Many consider it the best car to drive within its supermini class, and by no small margin. With precise steering, this agile vehicle takes corners effortlessly, so those winding Berkshire roads should pose no difficulty!


2. Comfort – The Fiesta’s suspension minimises any discomfort caused by potholes or rough roads and surfaces. It’s a smooth drive, despite its relatively compact size. Many clients who book a test drive with our Ford specialist dealer are surprised by how comfortable the Fiesta really is, despite its modest price tag.


3. Exterior – There aren’t that many car models still going strong after 40 years of being in production. But the Fiesta has kept up with the times, constantly refining its look to appeal to modern sensibilities. We find that part of the reason Ford cars are so popular is their sleek aesthetic.


4. Operating Costs – The Fiesta comes in two different sub-models, one with a 1-litre petrol engine and another with a 1.6-litre engine. They can achieve 65+ and 85+ miles per gallon respectively, making them very affordable on a running cost basis. Low CO2 emissions and insurance groups also help bring down operating costs.


5. Interior – Whether your Fiesta is a brand new car or a nearly new one, you’ll immediately notice its interior is a real treat. Boasting many subtle curves and easy-to-read dials, the Fiesta’s interior is a masterclass in automotive design.


Our Ford specialist dealer doesn’t just serve clients in Berkshire in need of a brand new car, we also sell nearly new Ford vehicles at generous discounts.


Interested in a nearly new Ford Fiesta? Call our Berkshire Ford specialist dealer on 01628 667 300.