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Should You Buy a Brand New Car? Advice for Buckinghamshire Clients

When you’re considering purchasing a car, there are a number of things to consider. For example, do you buy a brand new or nearly new car? There’s a lot of information out there, and not all of it is correct. We thought we’d weigh in for the benefit of our Buckinghamshire clients, explaining the benefits of each type of automobile.


Auto Options has quality vehicles for Buckinghamshire motorists who’d prefer a brand new car, as well as those in the market for a nearly new Ford – so whichever you choose, make sure you come to us and enjoy our competitive prices and fantastic customer service.


Benefits of a Brand New Car

Always Up to Date – A brand new car always has the most up to date technology available from a manufacturer at the time. This means that a brand new car is more likely to have improved fuel efficiency, or bonus features like stability control.


No History to Worry About – While our nearly new Ford cars are all checked to ensure they are not just road-worthy, but truly live up to their name, when you buy a brand new car there is no past history to worry about whatsoever.


This is more of an issue when buying from a dealership or vendor around Buckinghamshire which is incorrectly using the “nearly new Ford” tag. If you don’t choose to buy your vehicle from our licenced and insured Ford specialist dealer, make sure you get proof that the car really is nearly new, otherwise you may end up buying a well-used car at a premium!


Why Buy a Nearly New Ford?

Value for Money – A nearly new Ford represents true value for money. It’s a great middle ground for motorists in Buckinghamshire who want the sheen of a brand new car, with a price tag closer to a used model. As they don’t qualify as being brand new anymore, their price depreciates, despite their quality remaining well up to scratch.


Full Warranty – Our Ford specialist dealer offers full warranty on all our nearly new Ford cars, so you don’t run the risk of getting a dodgy one that’ll break down and cost an arm and a leg to repair. It’s a common misconception among prospective clients in Buckinghamshire that buying nearly new Ford cars is a gamble. It isn’t. If anything goes wrong, you’re fully covered.


Give our Ford specialist dealer near Buckinghamshire a call today on 01628 667 300.